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D-TRIBE CAPITAL is a venture capital investment and advisory firm headquartered out of Singapore backing bold entrepreneurs building the future through technology. We work with entrepreneurs seeking strategic investment and also with corporations looking to access innovation and growth, by investing in early stage companies.

Whilst we are a relatively young firm, we have completed more than 50 portfolio investments with a average current unrealised return of 2.0x and have established direct venture capital investments for several large corporations. 

What's the thought process behind the name D-TRIBE?


D is for Digitally Disruptive. The innovator's leveraging technology to pioneer new and better ways of serving customers and disrupting traditional business models along the way.

Tribe is a team of like-minded individuals with similar behaviors and anchored around a common set of beliefs and values. At the heart of our strategy is the coming together of key stakeholders to drive synergies through teamwork that deliver 1 + 1 = 3 outcomes for all parties.


D-TRIBE's advisory services platform services the increasingly complex needs of organisations dealing with the financial and strategic challenges and opportunities presented by thousands of potentially disruptive start-ups.





D-TRIBE invests in global, early stage companies leveraging technology to pioneer new and better ways of serving customers and disrupting traditional business models.

We are a team of successful entrepreneurs who understand the entrepreneurial building 

process ans what it takes to be successful.


Martin Berry

  • Seasoned Global Executive  with 20 years financial and tech experience at the likes of Citibank, Barclay's, HP and Standard Chartered. Board member to several companies.

  • Highly Successful Entrepreneur having built and exited several companies with values in excess of $US500M (including global tea brand Gong Cha)

  • Deep VC Experience having successfully invested in more than 50 early-stage ventures, generating strong returns.


Sam Rhee

  • Seasoned Global Executive with 25 years experience including as former CEO, Chairman of the Board & Chief Investment Officer of Morgan Stanley Investment Management.

  • Extensive Fintech Expertise having invested and advised various Fintech firms across the Asia region and as a Founding Partner of WealthTech company Endowus.

  • Deep Investment Experience including institutional fund management, asset allocation, macro, public and private markets equity investments and venture capital.

Recardo Bruins

  • Seasoned Project Executive with 15 years experience leading large complex projects in Renewable Energy, Commercial Real Estate and Automotive Innovations with deal values in excess of $USD3 billion.

  • Deep Operational Experience having led large, complex cross-border projects in the capacity of operational lead, working with large cross-cultural teams globally.

  • Trusted Advisor having built strong relationships with large companies and in turn advising them of multi-billion dollar deals.



160 Robinson Road, #14-04,

Singapore 068914